5 Fun Active Fall Activities!

You might as well go out and do some fun activities while you can in this beautiful fall weather! Go apple picking This is always a fall favorite, I think for anyone. Apple picking allows you to go out and walk around see all the beautiful leaves changing and pick a healthy snack, to make… Continue reading 5 Fun Active Fall Activities!



Stretching is an everyday basic need in my book. It’s something you do everyday, whether you realize it or not. youtube here! stretching! I think and average person should stretch at least 1-2 times a day, and an athlete a minimum of twice a day. An average person can face many problems body wise just because… Continue reading Stretching!

At Home Legs!

Resistance Band Squats 3x10 Resistance Band Side Squats 2x10 each leg Lunges 3x10 Stiff Leg Deadlifts with or without resistance band 3x10 each leg Kick Backs 3x10 each leg Hip Thrust 3x10 squeeze your knees together at the top of each set Abs! Abs of your choosing! I posted a video to my youtube channel… Continue reading At Home Legs!