For today’s workout post, you’re going to be hitting two upper body muscle groups that are very easy to coincide with each other. And that is chest and back.


Bench press

Benching varies by person and their max, now if you don’t know how to bench, then I recommend you ask somebody, but if you know how to do dumbbell chest press I would recommend using that as an alternative. But what I recommend for this is work up to an amount of weight where you can do at least six reps, and then go in and a 3×5, but if you’re doing dumbbell chest press do a 3×10 (this also applies to a vertical chest press machine.)

One arm flys

These type of flys can be done using dumbbells or using a pec deck. I do both just because it’s a different range of motion. If you’re beginner I recommends doing these on the peck deck, but if you’d like to challenge yourself use dumbbells while laying on a flat bench.

3×10 each side

Dumbbell chest press

So if you did these already I would substitute them for some push ups, or if you’d like you can do them again. If you’re doing push ups do as many as you can do til failure.

3x to failure

If you are doing dumbbell chest press


Chest Squeeze

This exercise is very easy and simple, but also very easy to mess up. So what you do is take a dumbbell and you wanna squeeze with your chest as you slightly move the weight in front of your legs. Now you will know if you’re doing it wrong if you’re feeling it too much in your shoulder and not in your chest.



Lat Pull Downs

These can be done one of many ways. I do them two ways, one is sitting with the overhead bar, and the other is standing using the cable tower and the rope attachment. It’s very easy and you feel it both ways.


Cable Rows

These again are an exercise that can be done more than one way, but the easiest way is to be sitting and using a V handle attachment.


Inverted Rows

You can do these anywhere there is a bar that is stable and won’t move while doing them, such as a smith machine. So basically you’re just using your back muscles to pull your self up to the bar and back down.

3x until failure

Pull Ups

And to finish off this workout you’re doing pull ups!

3x until failure

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy the workout!


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