New Year, New You: A Fitness Guide

Happy 2018 everyone!

My main purpose for making this blog was to 1. share my workouts and keep track. 2. Maybe help other who were in need of new workouts to try. And 3. to motivate anyone who needed motivation to start their fitness journeys.

So coming soon, i will be publishing a fitness guide. For everyone who is need, whether you’re new to fitness, just need a few extra tips, or you’ve been doing this for years and just need something new. I’ve said this many times before and i will still preach it as i post the fitness guide. Fitness isn’t a one size fits all. Just because the workouts i do help me, doesn’t mean they’re going to do the same for you. That’s why for this Fitness Guide, it’s going to be a Generalized guide. So what that means is i want you to interpret it anyway you can to help benefit you. You want to create a better version of yourself, is probably why you’re here, and that’s what i want this guide for. To help you achieve goals.

So the guide will have many things brought into it like exercising, nutrition, stretching, and just in general healthy habits, pertaining to a specific area of fitness and the goal you want to achieve.

If there is anything specific that you personally would like to see talked about then go ahead and let me know i would be happy to help and write them into it.

A Fitness Guide 2018 is coming to you soon!


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