Part 2: The Exercise

Part two of the guide is knowing what to exercise and what to actually do. I’m going to help you make a workout plan to gear you towards your fitness goals. Since i am helping i will give suggestions, but i’m not saying you have to do all the things i suggested because they might not all work for you and your goals.

1. Setting Goals

The first part of this is to set a goal, of what you want to achieve. Later on I’ll get into what you should exercise and how to do it, but this step has to be done before going in deciding how you’re going to workout.

Do you want to lose weight? Gain muscle/strength? Have more definition? living a healthier lifestyle? All of these are possible, but require different training styles. So which is it?

Losing Weight

if you want to lose weight you need to incorporate more cardio, and a little weight training. You’re allowed to do more than a little, you can do as much weight training as you want, but make sure you’re not over doing it.

Nutrition is also a huge factor into losing weight, which is Part 3 of my fitness guide!

Gain Muscle/Strength

This will require a lot more weight training, and eating more to fuel you gains. You will need to lift more and heavier weight, which will require you to go to the gym more than 3 times a week. But you also have to learn how to balance your workouts, you’re not pushing yourself over the top every workout causing your body to go not muscle fatigue and not being able to gain that muscle and strength.

More definiton (toning)

Getting Definition to your body will take longer and you will not see it right away, it’s definitely something you will see over time. Your workout may require you to workout for longer doing more reps at a specific weight, and gradually increasing overtime. With toning your body you will become stronger as well, but that isn’t the main focus. You will want to add in cardio, and watch what you eat, because that plays a huge role in how your body looks.


2. The Workout

Working out is very good for overall health just in general. If non of the above are your fitness goals, and you want to live a healthier lifestyle your workout may vary, but for specific goals you need to have specific types of training.

so like i said in my Part 1, you’re going to split up your workouts into different muscle groups, to benefit your overall mental and physical health. The reason i say mentally is because if you workout every part of your body in one day you’re going to become very sore and very unmotivated. Which is something we don’t want to happen. Splitting up your workout into different muscle groups will hopefully prevent that from happening.

Muscle Groups

  • legs
  • chest
  • back
  • arms
  • shoulder

Depending on how many times a week you train you can combine two muscle groups together, or even spread them out a way that works for you.

So what i personally do since i’ve been doing this for quite some time, i will combine specific muscles. (Hamstrings, triceps, rear deltoid, etc.)

What I do:

  • back: also train hamstrings and triceps (sometimes)
  • Chest: biceps
  • Shoulders: Sometimes arms
  • Legs: mainly only train legs

I don’t always do that, but i’ve noticed that doing this benefits me. If you don’t want to do that and to make it easier want to do one muscle group a day that’s fine too. Whatever is going to help you along your fitness journey.

Weight loss

Your weight loss workout program is going to consist of cardio, and light weight training.

Cardio: 3-6 Times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes, but don’t go longer than an hour.

if you go to a gym you don’t want to be on the cardio equipment for over an hour that’s just going to put strain on your body and it might unmotivate you. If you plan on doing cardio by walking around a neighborhood than going for a little more than an hour is okay because that just might be how long it takes.

Remember their are other forms of cardio than just running on the treadmill!

I never run on the treadmill it’s very bad for the knees and very boring. There’s elipticals, stair master, and bikes. That’s if you want to use specific cardio equipment.

You can do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). That can be incorporated into your workout. You don’t have to do just one form of cardio all the time.

Your weight training will at first probably going to consists of body weight movements especially if you’ve never worked out before, very little free weights, and the circuit.

(Take advantage of the circuit! Theres always going to be someone who knows how to show you hot to use it!)

I would weight train either everyday after you workout or start with 3 times a week.


Muscle Strength

the key to gaining muscle is an intake of calories and working out five days a week. You want to start lifting heavier weight and focus on one muscle group to lift heavy in one week. What i mean by that is, Only one day out of the week you lift heavier in one lift than your others. Don’t just focus on one lift everyday. You also want to rotate it every week as well.

Start focusing on accessory work as well as main lifts. Your main lifts won’t improve if your accessory muscles that help you aren’t being focused and targeted on as well. They’re very important in all your lifts.

If you’re looking to gain muscle and strength i wouldn’t recommend combining more than one muscle group into your workouts, unless it’s arms. Arms are something i believe are okay to add in because they’re a smaller group and you don’t need a separate day for them unless you’re looking to grow your arms.



Toning and definition most important aspect is nutrition (part 3). And that’s because if you want to notice it more what you eat plays a big role.

Working out also is a big part of it because if you don’t have those muscles then there is nothing to show. While you’re working out you want to again divide it up into muscle groups and go from there, incorporating cardio at least three times a week will also help you achieve your goal and your overall health.


3. Planning Your Workout

Planning out your workout weekly will really help you achieve your goals, instead of going to the gym and not knowing what to do. Then you’re able to track your progress, count your rest days, and know the areas you really want to focus in on. So here it a Weekly Planner for you to print out….Weekly Planner

Sample Workout

Monday: Back Day:Deadlifts(Adv.), Rows, Lat Pull Down, Cable Rows, Pull Ups, Supermans, good mornings(adv.) (Rep range will change for all) (Normal 3×10)

Tuesday: Chest Day: Bench Press(adv.) circuit chest press, floor dumbbell press, floor dumbbell fly, cable fly(adv.) circuit chest fly (Normal 3×10)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Leg Day: Squats(adv), leg press, lunges, jump squats, hamstring curls, leg extension, abductor/adductor (normal 3×10)

Friday: Shoulder Day: lateral raises, frontal raises, circuit shoulder press, dumbbell press (normal 3×10)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Optional Rest, Arm Day: Bicep curls, Tricep extensions, One arm curls, push ups, military wall push ups (normal 3×10)

Added cardio before or after every workout, stretching before and after.

*Rep range will change for your goals and specific movements, but if you’re not sure it’s safe to assume 3×10


Thank you for reading! I hope this Part 2 has helped you! You can always contact me if you have any questions! If you need help creating a workout plan please email me, message me on Instagram, or twitter i will get back to you! My Instagram and twitter are linked above on the home screen, and my email is is in the bio of my Instagram!



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