Abs, Abs, and Abs

My ab routine changes every time, just because you need to change it up otherwise the results you want just come slower and slower because your body is just so used to what you’re doing. These exercises aren’t for everyone obviously but i hope you end up liking some of them and incorporating it into your own ab routine!

Toe Touch Crunches



Russian Twists


*these can be done weighted as well, for me personally it depends if i’m doing them at home or in the gym. In the gym i do them weighted, but at home i just do my own body weight since i don’t have weights readily available.


Side Crunches

3×20 each side


Mountain Climbers





*i try to do planks every day, even if i don’t do abs. They are very good for core strength, and core strength is essential for powerlifting.


Side Planks



Plank Dips

3×10 each side


The End.

Leg Day!

Training legs is basically my favorite thing to train, and this workout is great if you’re not doing regular back squats or just don’t know how. I had a terrible sunburn so i couldn’t back squat.


using 25 pound dumbbells

3 sets all together the length of the circuit area in my gym

Kettle Bell Squats

1×10 /35

2×10 /45

*really focus on pushing up part of the squat. I personally noticed i push with one leg more than the other. So another exercise you could do it a side lunge squat where you only push off of the one leg.

Cable Squats

1×10 /60

1×10 /70

1×8 /80

1×8 /90

cable squats are so great for getting form down and you really feel it in your glutes

Leg Press

1×10 /160

1×10 /175

1×10 /190

Stair Master

10 minutes!

the stair master is meant for cardio and not for strengthening muscles, but doing the stairs at the end of the workout will help with a leg pump, and pushing them at the end of your workout when you’re already a tired.

The End.

Chest, Biceps, and Abs

Hey guys! So this is the workout i did yesterday to hit Chest, Biceps, and Abs. I know this workout won’t work for everybody, but i did some experimenting before i knew what workouts worked best for me. So i hope this works for some of you, and/or helps you realize what does and doesn’t work for you!

Chest Press

warm up set 1×10 /45

working set

  • 2×10 /55
  • 2×8 /65
  • 1×8 /75

Depending on what i’m doing that day which today was a lighter day, my weight varies. so my 1 rep max for bench is 100 pounds. So if I’m working up to my max i normally do one set and less reps.

Dumbbell Chest Press

3×10 /15

then i superset my dumbbell chest press with dumbbell flies

Dumbbell flies

3×10 /15

One Arm Dumbbell Chest Press

right arm 3×10 /15

left arm 3×10 /15

So the weight, reps, and sets all stayed the same because the weight for me was a medium difficulty. I knew i had two more exercises to get through so i didn’t want to push myself to failure.

Chest Flies

1×12 /30

1×12 /40

1×12 /45

last rep hold for 30 seconds on each set

Push Ups


And that’s all i did for my chest workout, and my workout isn’t the same everytime i do it. I change up the weight, rep, and sets depending on if it’s a heavy day, light day, or both.


Hammer Curls

1×10 /10

2×10 /15

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

2×10 /10

1×8 /15

Cable Curls

1×10 /30

1×10 /40

1×10 /50


my ab workouts vary on how I’m feeling that day actually. and i only do about 2-3 exercises when i do them. weightlifting requires lots of core strength so i always force myself to do them even if i’m tired (or starving).

Russian Twist

2×50 /10

Toe Touchers


toe touchers is when your opposite hand and foot touch when you lift up to crunch with you abdominals.

The End.


That was my work out for the day! I hope this helps anyone in need, thank you so much!