Big Booty Workout

Squats warm up 2x10 working sets 3x5 (going up in weight) Lunges 3x10 with dumbbells Glute Bridges 3x8 with appropriate amount of weight you can handle Stiff Leg Pull 3x10 on cable tower Abductor/Adductor 2x10 with appropriate weight you can handle   instagram: taylorhalbert youtube channel twitter: taylorhalbert1


At Home Booty Workout!

Toning and growing your butt from home is very easy, but requires motivation. This booty workout will help grow your butt, and grow strength in your legs, abductors, and adductors. Watch my video!¬†At Home Booty Workout! Squats 3x12 resistance band or at home weights can be used to challenge yourself Side-to-Side Squat 3x12 these are… Continue reading At Home Booty Workout!

At Home Legs!

Resistance Band Squats 3x10 Resistance Band Side Squats 2x10 each leg Lunges 3x10 Stiff Leg Deadlifts with or without resistance band 3x10 each leg Kick Backs 3x10 each leg Hip Thrust 3x10 squeeze your knees together at the top of each set Abs! Abs of your choosing! I posted a video to my youtube channel… Continue reading At Home Legs!