Back and Shoulders Workout

Hey guys! It sure has been awhile since I've posted a blog update, and I'm going to try and post more frequently! Most likely they will be workouts I have done that you're welcome to try! But today I have a Back and Shoulders super set workout for you, and I hope you enjoy! Dumbbell… Continue reading Back and Shoulders Workout


Summer Shredding!

Hey everyone! I know it's been quite some time since i've posted, but here i am and so is summer shredding! If anyone out there needs help with that i've got you covered! There is three things you can do: Number One: You can reach out to me through email or social media and ask… Continue reading Summer Shredding!

Great Breakfast Meals!

1. Eggs and Toast Add avocado little butter to the pan pink mammalian salt if needed! two full eggs or four egg whites   2. Pancakes Add Protein Make with oats bananas   3. Everything Bagel add avocado add eggs add butter   4. French Toast add syrup add fruit   5. Oatmeal add fruit… Continue reading Great Breakfast Meals!

Big Booty Workout

Squats warm up 2x10 working sets 3x5 (going up in weight) Lunges 3x10 with dumbbells Glute Bridges 3x8 with appropriate amount of weight you can handle Stiff Leg Pull 3x10 on cable tower Abductor/Adductor 2x10 with appropriate weight you can handle   instagram: taylorhalbert youtube channel twitter: taylorhalbert1

Exciting News!

If you haven't already guessed, or noticed. I've started a YouTube Channel! And I'm very excited to start uploading workout videos and other fitness related content! So please check it out and subscribe to my channel and watch the videos I've already posted there! It would mean so much too me! Thank you so much!… Continue reading Exciting News!

Part 3: The Nutrition

Nutrition is key to any physique you try to achieve. It's also key to living any healthy lifestyle. You're not going to get nearly as far in any fitness journey without the proper nutrition. Nutrition is almost the same for any type of workout style, lifting style, or goals. You want to eat foods that… Continue reading Part 3: The Nutrition

5 Tips To Get Fit For Summer

Here are five ways to get fit for summer this year! You can check out my fitness guide for more in depth it will help a ton! And also watch my video! 5 Tips To Get Fit 1. Drink Water drinking water is crucial to help achieve the bikini bod that you want. Water will keep… Continue reading 5 Tips To Get Fit For Summer

Candy Sweet Potatoes!

If you like eating healthy but also like having way too many sweet treats, then this snack, lunch/dinner side is for you. I normally only ate them on Thanksgiving or Christmas, but i realized how much i liked them and decided i wanted to make them all the time. This food item isn't necessarily the… Continue reading Candy Sweet Potatoes!

Let’s Make Oatmeal!

A lot of fitness people like to eat oatmeal in the morning with their breakfast or just for their breakfast, like me. I think including oatmeal at least once- twice a week is beneficial to growing stronger and or even slimmer. So yes, oatmeal is a carb and eating too much of it all the… Continue reading Let’s Make Oatmeal!

Part 1: Getting Started

If you haven't heard that summer bodies are made in the winter, you have now. This is Part 1, of my fitness guides of 2018. It's Getting you here to know the information. Winter is normally when a lot of professionals or just competitors bulk, for the next upcoming seasons. Then most of their programs… Continue reading Part 1: Getting Started