Part 3: The Nutrition

Nutrition is key to any physique you try to achieve. It's also key to living any healthy lifestyle. You're not going to get nearly as far in any fitness journey without the proper nutrition. Nutrition is almost the same for any type of workout style, lifting style, or goals. You want to eat foods that… Continue reading Part 3: The Nutrition


Poshmark Sale!

Hey everyone! So have just listed dozens of new items on my poshmark page If you want an additional 10% off of a purchase from my closet comment on the item you wish to receive: Taylorslifestyle and add it to a bundle, and from here i'll be able to offer you the additional 10%! New Items… Continue reading Poshmark Sale!

Candy Sweet Potatoes!

If you like eating healthy but also like having way too many sweet treats, then this snack, lunch/dinner side is for you. I normally only ate them on Thanksgiving or Christmas, but i realized how much i liked them and decided i wanted to make them all the time. This food item isn't necessarily the… Continue reading Candy Sweet Potatoes!


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Everything on my poshmark is about 20-50% off. Shop My Closet Now!☞ My Closet! Most stuff has barely been worn, and it's very good quality. I just have too much stuff i don't ever wear and i need to get rid of it! If enough people buy from my closet i will do a giveaway! The… Continue reading WINTER CLOSET CLEAR OUT SALE! (GIVEAWAY)

Ways to Save While Holiday Shopping!

Here are some tips you should consider when you are shopping online or in store for the holidays! 1. Shop through Ebates!ebates is a really cool website where you earn money back shopping through their site. They have thousands of stores, including Amazon, Forever 21, Dicks Sporting Goods, JC Penney, Kohls, and more! You can… Continue reading Ways to Save While Holiday Shopping!

June Favorites!

Here are some of my favorite things from this month that i would like to share with you! 1. Victoria Secret Knockout Legging First i would like to start out with my Victoria Secret Knockout leggings. They are so great for working out. I personally think they're very breathable, they have great tummy control, and… Continue reading June Favorites!

What I Eat In A Day!

obviously, i don't eat these same three meals everyday. But in this post I'm only including my three main meals throughout the day and not my snack in between (mainly because i don't remember). Breakfast 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites two pieces of toast (buttered) a banana smoothie a whole banana ice 1… Continue reading What I Eat In A Day!

Hi everyone! So i am now an affiliate with and i'm so excited! and it would mean so much too me if you guys could support me by buy through their website with the links i provide you! And if theirs anything i don't post that you want to see if they have let… Continue reading