June Favorites!


Here are some of my favorite things from this month that i would like to share with you!

1. Victoria Secret Knockout Legging


First i would like to start out with my Victoria Secret Knockout leggings. They are so great for working out. I personally think they’re very breathable, they have great tummy control, and when i got them they were on sale! If you don’t already have these leggings i definitely recommend on getting them!

2. American Eagle Workout Top


This top is super old if you can’t tell, but i found this shirt again, and decided i wanted to wear it and then became obsessed. It’s very stretchy and breathable. It’s great for working out, hiking, or just everyday wear.

3. Victoria Secret Sports Bra


I got this bra during the Victoria secret semi annual sale, for only $10! Which is literally a steal for Victoria secret since it was originally $25. But this bra is great i have it in two colors, it’s very supportive, lightweight, and has super cute detailing in the back. I’m almost positive that they still have it and if they do i definitely recommend getting it!

4. Muscle Roller


Muscle rollers are life savers, for everything almost especially when you’re sore, or to prevent you from being more sore than you will be. I got this one from TJ Maxx (my favorite store) for less than $10. So if you don’t have one of your own, get one they’re amazing.

5. Skin Moisturizer


First thing is first, moisturizer is so important especially during the summer time, especially if you live in a really dry area. But this moisturizer is my favorite one, is because it was free, and because it has SPF in it so i put it on in the morning and it protects my skin. And it’s from Sephora so i will be purchasing it when i do run out.

6. Falsies Mascara


So i don’t wear mascara that often, but when i do it’s this one. I will always re-purchase this mascara, and plus it’s waterproof so it’s great for summer. So i feel like most people already have this mascara probably because it’s great.

7. Hashtag.Sunglasses


So these sunglasses are from¬†hashtag.sunglassesand i am an affiliate with them, and i’m so glad to say i am. These sunglasses are such great quality. I literally wear these all them time, they look good with everything and they have so many more styles. And with the code NewShades4You you can get 15% off your order on any pair of sunglasses!

8. Anti-Frizz Hair Lotion


So this anti-frizz lotion is amazing, my hair does get frizzy especially since it’s so humid here in New York. I will be repurchasing it, since i am running low. But this lotion doesn’t make your hair feel greasy or heavy. I’ve noticed that my hair feels really soft and looks shiny, but not greasy.

9. Dry Shampoo


So despite the name if this post, this dry shampoo isn’t my favorite one. But i love dry shampoo. My favorite one is the Batiste dry shampoo. But this one is great too, it does its job.

10. Pump Up

Pump UP has been a huge part of my month! And the app is amazing, i recommend that everyone joins it, especially if you’re super into fitness like i am! I recently just became a pump up partner and it would be totally great if you joined and followed me @taylorhalbert1


So that’s it! Those are my June favorites, let me know if any of these products are your favorites or if you’re considering buying or trying them out!

Pump Up!

Hi Everyone!

So I am very excited to announce that I am now Pump Up Partner!

If you don’t know what PumpUP is, it’s a workout app. The app is like an Instagram for working out basically. You can post photos of your progress, you at the gym, your food, whatever you want really. The app also lets you create workouts for yourself. You can chose what kind of workout and specify which muscle groups, pick what workout equipment you have available to you, and also chose between difficulties of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The App is great and you should totally get it! It’s very motivating and great to have. I love it. And if you do get the app totally follow me! i post on there all the time. my username is taylorhalbert1, it will also give you a little sneak peak into my fitness life.

Leg Day!

Training legs is basically my favorite thing to train, and this workout is great if you’re not doing regular back squats or just don’t know how. I had a terrible sunburn so i couldn’t back squat.


using 25 pound dumbbells

3 sets all together the length of the circuit area in my gym

Kettle Bell Squats

1×10 /35

2×10 /45

*really focus on pushing up part of the squat. I personally noticed i push with one leg more than the other. So another exercise you could do it a side lunge squat where you only push off of the one leg.

Cable Squats

1×10 /60

1×10 /70

1×8 /80

1×8 /90

cable squats are so great for getting form down and you really feel it in your glutes

Leg Press

1×10 /160

1×10 /175

1×10 /190

Stair Master

10 minutes!

the stair master is meant for cardio and not for strengthening muscles, but doing the stairs at the end of the workout will help with a leg pump, and pushing them at the end of your workout when you’re already a tired.

The End.

Back Day!

Hey guys! so again this isn’t the workout i do everytime i do back, and this isn’t meant for everybody. This is was just works for me and the way i like to do things.

Sumo Deadlift

warm up set

  • 1×10 /65
  • 1×10 /85
  • 1×10 /115

1×5 /135

1×5 /145

1×3 /155

1×1 /165


standing on a 45 pound plate

  • 3×5 /135

Lat Pull Downs

1×10 /40

1×10 /50

1×8 /60

One Arm Lat Pull Downs

2×10 /30

1×10 /40

Cable Rows

1×5 /50

1×5 /60

1×5 /70

Tricep Extensions

1×10 /30

1×10 /45

1×10 /50


The End.

Dance Photo Shoot

Hey guys, so my dance photo shoot hasn’t happened yet. It rained all week, and will be raining most of this week, but unfortunately now i have a a terrible sunburn so i don’t think it would’ve happened this week anyways.

I just want you guys to know that it will be happening sometime in the near future. I’m so excited for it to be happening and to share all the pictures!


Hey everyone, so i did shoulders this week and haven’t had anytime to post it so here it is! and i think i’m going to say this in every workout post, but this will not work for everyone. i just hope i can help you figure out what does and doesn’t work for you!

Push Press

1×10 /40

1×10 /45

1×10 /55

1×8 /65


Lateral Raises

1×10 /10

1×10 /12

1×10 /15



1×10 /30

1×10 /40

1×10 /50

tip: make sure when you’re doing shrugs you do them at a nice slow steady pace. You won’t be working the muscles the same way if you’re speeding through the movement.


Face Pulls

1×10 /40

1×10 /50

1×10 /60

Upright Rows

1×10 /30

1×10 /40

1×10 /50

The End.

So that was all i did for my shoulder workout, and take into consideration that i don’t share the stretching i do before and after my workout, or an cardio excersise i do. I hadn’t done shoulders in awhile hence the high amount reps. But i hope this helps somebody, or give someone an idea of what to do in the gym.

Chest, Biceps, and Abs

Hey guys! So this is the workout i did yesterday to hit Chest, Biceps, and Abs. I know this workout won’t work for everybody, but i did some experimenting before i knew what workouts worked best for me. So i hope this works for some of you, and/or helps you realize what does and doesn’t work for you!

Chest Press

warm up set 1×10 /45

working set

  • 2×10 /55
  • 2×8 /65
  • 1×8 /75

Depending on what i’m doing that day which today was a lighter day, my weight varies. so my 1 rep max for bench is 100 pounds. So if I’m working up to my max i normally do one set and less reps.

Dumbbell Chest Press

3×10 /15

then i superset my dumbbell chest press with dumbbell flies

Dumbbell flies

3×10 /15

One Arm Dumbbell Chest Press

right arm 3×10 /15

left arm 3×10 /15

So the weight, reps, and sets all stayed the same because the weight for me was a medium difficulty. I knew i had two more exercises to get through so i didn’t want to push myself to failure.

Chest Flies

1×12 /30

1×12 /40

1×12 /45

last rep hold for 30 seconds on each set

Push Ups


And that’s all i did for my chest workout, and my workout isn’t the same everytime i do it. I change up the weight, rep, and sets depending on if it’s a heavy day, light day, or both.


Hammer Curls

1×10 /10

2×10 /15

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

2×10 /10

1×8 /15

Cable Curls

1×10 /30

1×10 /40

1×10 /50


my ab workouts vary on how I’m feeling that day actually. and i only do about 2-3 exercises when i do them. weightlifting requires lots of core strength so i always force myself to do them even if i’m tired (or starving).

Russian Twist

2×50 /10

Toe Touchers


toe touchers is when your opposite hand and foot touch when you lift up to crunch with you abdominals.

The End.


That was my work out for the day! I hope this helps anyone in need, thank you so much!